Fossil Defender back again and limited

Time travel with us to almost a year ago when we saw the launch of the Fossil Archival Series with the release of the modern take of the 90’s mood watch – those things went fast! So fast, that I didn’t even get one and one could say with sure certainty that its success changed the roadmap for Fossil to release more of these retro releases.

Today we find ourselves with the latest addition to the Fossil Archival Series: The Defender. Did we mention it’s also a Limited-Edition Defender? Let’s make this official – today we are proud to welcome the first Fossil Defender to be included in the limited-edition club! Launched officially today this Defender has a run of 854 watches and these will go fast! Folks on our Fossil Collector’s Club Facebook group are talking about it and buying them up already.

Let’s talk about the watch & packaging first and then bear with us we’ll geek out at the end for all you Defender fans.

Many of us in the collecting world are obsessed with packaging. Fossil historically has the most fun and sometimes most thoughtful packaging on limited edition items and other special releases. The LE1062 comes in a steamer trunk replica leather presentation box with the Defender logo embossed on the top of the box.

The Defender comes with interchangeable bezels that rotate off & on easily. For long time fans of Fossil, you’ll find some similarities to the old Fossil LE1002: The Explorer, which features interchangeable bezels too in limited edition packaging. Our newest Defender also features a leather & nylon field strap --- so you’ve got options to make your Defender, your Defender! 

Fossil Defender LE1062

Here’s where we geek out on this watch. We love Fossil Defenders here at the Underground Fossil Collector’s Club – this site and community was built on people looking for Defenders. The original Defender line was DE and launched in 1995. Unlike more recent Defenders this latest addition is a tribute to those original Defenders.

  • Did you notice the logo on the face? That logo ceased to exist with the last of the original Defenders, the DE-1544 and was not featured on any future Defender releases except for advertising pieces.

  • Did you notice the crown position? Only 2 other Defenders ever had the 4:00 crown position – DE-1526 & DE-1527.

  • Lastly do you see the similarities! The LE-1062 is a modern take on DE-1527 with a larger case, but unfortunately, it’s not an automatic (aut-o-matic). Also unlike its predecessor which was rated at 200m, this new addition is only rated at 30m, which is “splash resistant”, so don’t take your new Defender swimming!

Fossil Defender DE-1527 and the newest Defender LE-1062

Fossil Defender DE-1527 and the newest Defender LE-1062

Overall this latest addition to the Archival Series is a much-needed win for us Fossil fans. Could they have done a few things better like the movement and water resistance? Sure, they could have, but that’s really not the point of these throwback designs from yesteryear. Fossil has a long history of military/aviation pieces and limited-edition collections that come in at an affordable price point and the new Defender is the perfect combination of each with a price at $255.

Welcome back Defender! Available now on