A Fossil intern is running the show - Design Major II

Another month and we have another new limited-edition Fossil watch to talk about. What a great time to be alive.

Years past we haven’t spent a lot of time or attention on newer Fossil pieces beyond the limited-edition pieces that are now hard to find (anyone have a LE-1015 or LE-1027). The relaunch of the new “official” Fossil Collectors Club is keeping us busy checking the website and staying in touch with all the latest news & drops and this brings us to August.

The August 2019 drop is a part two of the Curator Series….called the Design Major II. If you remember last year we had a similar drop of an intern designed watch – the Design Major, which had a similar color scheme but a much lower production number of 554 pieces. If you think about the concept for a minute it is a pretty impressive feat that a company as large as Fossil gives the design reigns to an intern to design a watch. We’re sure there has to be some supervision and approvals in place, but what if there wasn’t….think about the possibilities…..or maybe not, that might be scary! Fossil does actively recruit interns and if you are interested, please visit - https://www.fossilgroup.com/careers/find-your-dream-job/internships/

The Design Major II is marketed as the ultimate everyday watch and we wanted to test it thoroughly before posting about it because what good is a review or a post without wearing it first? The watch arrived on July 26th and in that time it has been on 2 camping trips, a river rafting trip and it went 120mph on the Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point….which is near home base for the Underground Fossil Collectors Club. Pleased to say that after one month of wear it’s still in the regular rotation – the case is definitely huge at 46mm and might not be for everyone, but the comments and looks received have been noticeable including a trip to the Honda dealership where the dealer couldn’t stop looking at the watch and finally I had to tell him about it and where he could buy one! (advertising by word of mouth is still a thing).

Black is my happy color and I’m pleased that so many of the limited releases have black faces which makes for an easy purchase. The font of the numerals on the face are brilliant and really make the watch stand out on a somewhat busy face. I’d say Fossil has another winner and let’s give Mr. Cho a job!

The watch is currently available on Fossil.com and retails for $165. Get it now before all 1254 pieces are gone!

The Design Major II retails for $165 and is limited to 1254 pieces

The Design Major II retails for $165 and is limited to 1254 pieces