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Howdy Fossil Fans!

Today is a red letter date in the history of Fossil collectors - after 21 years the official Fossil Collectors Club has relaunched from Fossil. Yes, you read that right, it’s 2019 and Fossil is relaunching the Fossil Collectors Club. How did this happen? Cue the flashback….

I’ve been collecting Fossil watches since 1996. I would find watches on eBay, Craigslist, garage sales, resale shops and always find a little flyer or brochure in the tins talking about the Fossil Collectors Club. The short lived Collectors Club ended in 1998 and there was NOTHING online about it and zero community around it. In those dark years I would collect & gather any materials I possibly could find from Fossil including newsletters, brochures, catalogs, web archives and anything else.

Sometime in 2009, I decided I had enough Fossil content and frustration with the lack of community that I had enough to start the site www.fossilcollectorsclub.com

The site was launched with the hopes of bringing Fossil collectors together AND re-igniting the Fossil Collectors Club from Fossil HQ themselves vs. just a passionate Fossil fan from Cleveland. I had the URL, Facebook group, Flickr page setup and probably a few other sites all linking back into this site to bring people together who collect (not buy & resell) these fine timepieces & collectibles. I’ve had some communication & one awesome trip to Fossil headquarters over the years to discuss history & various product lines, but no mention of ever re-launching the Fossil Collectors Club came up until just a few weeks ago.

And that brings us to modern day….

Starting today (March 25, 2019) the www.fossilcollectorsclub.com will be redirecting over to Fossil’s official Collectors Club page and eventually be owned by Fossil altogether. On this page you’ll have the ability to read about Fossil’s new Collectors Club, the Archival Series of Limited Editions and signup! Please signup!

For the fans I’ve acquired over the years, our little fan site will always be located here:


In the coming weeks & months, you’ll see some changes in this site’s identity and branding. I’m super excited and can’t say now how this fan site fits into the Fossil ecosphere, but please remember this is all still coming from one passionate fan from Cleveland and not Fossil. The overall identify and future main URL is currently in the works, but I’ve been assured that we have a home in the future now that the Collectors Club is back in action!

So here’s to a new generation of Fossil Collectors Club starting in 2019! I’m very proud of the community we’ve built here & on Facebook. Now a little blurb about the OFFICIAL FOSSIL COLLECTORS CLUB that was recently announced at Baselworld:

A tribute to more than three decades of design, this curation of limited editions celebrates Fossil's innovative spirit. Rediscover our beloved past styles with the reissues of the Archival Series, or explore our collaborative exclusives with the Curator Series. Welcome to the only club where Fossil fanatics can continue collecting one-of-a-kind accessories for years to come.

More to come obviously stay tuned to Fossil, Fossil Collectors Club and this site for the latest!

Here’s to the new  www.fossilcollectorsclub.com

Here’s to the new www.fossilcollectorsclub.com