Oh those Limited Editions! The Modern Machine LE1030

by Terry Moss in ,

Taking a short break from our journey through the Fossil Times newsletters, let’s discuss collector’s lore – Limited Editions! We love limited editions and like a fine automobile or in my case a clean pair of sneakers we enjoy sporting them on special occasions.

The Modern Machine Assembly LE1030 released in 2014 was a very limited run of 654 pieces. I’ve only just obtained one recently because these sold out fast at 495USD and rarely have come up for sale since. The reviews of the design and packaging have been discussed and envied for years now and I finally have one in my possession! Description from the booklet because I can’t say it better than Fossil:

A stylish watch set that harkens back to the aeronautic industrial era of the 1940s. Fossil’s Limited-Edition Modern Machine can be disassembled using multiple interchanging machined parts that reassemble into two very distinctive time-measuring instruments. Mix the bezel, band or even the watch center core for a new look, for a total of 32 different time-telling combinations. Its double 316L stainless steel shell is both robust and shock absorbent, with water-resistance of up to 100 meters, and the dial faces are designed with luminescent hands and markers to be read in low light or night. Along with its wristwatch combinations, the Modern Machine set features an optional field timer for everyday field carry. Packaged in a Limited-Edition gift box, this tough yet timeless set comes complete with four interchangeable batteries, one topstitched leather belt strap and one Zulu-inspired military weave strap with matching hardware, as well as a hefty three-row plated stainless steel solid bracelet. This sleek and modern set is all the wearer will need to complement any wardrobe choice. Limited to 654.

Limited Editions are the essential piece for any Fossil collector and we’ve seen all sorts of Limited-Edition collectors over the years. Some only collect Disney or Superman or other TV characters, while some like the sports releases (Nolan Ryan!) I tend to collect the military/field collections with the snazzy packaging and the LE1030 has been high on my list for almost 5 years now. The elegant leather box with the grey felt lining and presentation of the interchangeable bezels is beautiful. Some of these bezels aren’t found anywhere else and don’t get me started on the fonts – it’s a real treasure.