Fossil Red Star Line

Fossil Red Star Line? Okay it’s made up, but after 30 years anything goes. The pre-1990 Fossil watches are truly niche and certainly a much more acquired taste than the collectible and larger Fossil watches of the 90’s and up.

Are they valuable? Nope.
Are they cool? Some.
Are these on collector’s radars? Yup!
Was 1985 the best for movies? Yes and don’t try to change our minds!

In 1989 a Fossil catalog featured a page of “red star” Russian themed watches. Pre-Defender military watches! Now that we’ve got your attention, take a look!

Welcome home “Oversized Russian inspired GF-4211” to the Underground Fossil Collectors Club.

Now that the GF-4211 is home, we’re on the hunt for others featured on this page. It was refreshing the simplicity of this watch and after a quick cleanup of the Prestige Time 1 jewel movement, it was up and running in no time.