Sullivan – a new friend

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I’ve found a new friend; his name is Sullivan and up until a few days ago he came in 3 flavors. It sounds weird right? I work from home in a cone of silence, so nothing is weird anymore!

It’s rare that I fall so hard for a modern watch that isn’t a limited edition, military themed or from the 90’s, but Sullivan caught my eye right away. A clean, simple multi-function watch.

I still don’t understand the Fossil Outlet vs. Fossil Sale on the website, but on my daily jog on the Fossil site, I saw Sullivan and it was already discounted for $59. Typed in Sullivan and found 2 other models…..color me impressed, I bought 2 of them, the BQ2445 & BQ2447. There is a BQ2446 model that comes in olive green - the case is either rose gold or bronzed and personal preference tells me I wouldn’t wear it, but you never know — for the moment I stuck with the 2 pictured below. In the distance I can hear Meatloaf singing “2 out of 3 ain’t bad”

So far the BQ2445 with the black silicone strap has been my daily. I’ve worn it a waterpark, the beach and a few other ‘summer’ events and all good. Still looks fab. The BQ2447 is quite a watch for the price and I haven’t had the pleasure of breaking him out yet, but with a busy work travel season coming up, he’ll be traveling with me soon!

the BQ2445 fresh from the beach with a little sand and sunscreen - Happy Summer 2019!

the BQ2445 fresh from the beach with a little sand and sunscreen - Happy Summer 2019!

the BQ2447 waiting for the big reveal at a workplace near you

the BQ2447 waiting for the big reveal at a workplace near you


love in color #MakeTimeForGood

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A new limited edition to talk about and the proceeds go to a good cause? Tell me more!

Fossil has partnered with the Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI) in honor of Pride Month. HMI proudly celebrates 40 years as the nation’s largest and very first LGBTQ+ Youth Services organization. HMI and we think everyone should believe that all young people, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, deserve a safe and supportive environment in which to achieve their full potential.

Okay let’s talk about the watch! What we like about this watch straight off the bat is the interchangeable straps allowing the watch owner to fully show pride in their own way. Old time Fossil collectors will notice that the straps are all 18mm which was “the size” of almost all collectible Fossil watches from years ago. It’s rare these days to have a new Fossil watch that utilizes this size strap — finally my 90’s stash of straps will come in handy!


The case size is 38mm which is small for this day & age we admit, but the genius behind it is the watch is unisex and that size looks great on any wrist - any smaller it might be something that appeals to those of us accustomed to the 40mm + sizes that rule the day.


One last thing to note is the face of this watch. The color palette is subtle and when paired with a sold colored strap it’s even more subtle, but what we noticed was the Fossil logo on the face — classy and very clean, something we hope to see in other releases that doesn’t flash the logo, but instead places it on the face in such a way that makes you say wow. Wow!

The limited edition Pride watch is limited to 1000 units and the proceeds all go to HMI, which is AMAZING! Something else to note is the rainbow nylon strap that you can purchase for $20 alongside the watch. If we had to wager these straps are going to go fast regardless of which 18mm lug watch you pair it with, so buy one now because like all good things they won’t be around forever.

Lastly during this Pride season, we invite you to #MakeTimeForGood and join all of us in supporting HMI and their impact on LGBTQIA+ youth in the community and if you would like to donate outside of the watch purchase please visit:

To learn more about the #MakeTimeForGood initiative please visit:

Fossil is certainly keeping us busy with all these new limited editions & collaborations launching. It’s a great time to be an Underground Fossil Collector - until next release!

Fossil Red Star Line

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Fossil Red Star Line? Okay it’s made up, but after 30 years anything goes. The pre-1990 Fossil watches are truly niche and certainly a much more acquired taste than the collectible and larger Fossil watches of the 90’s and up.

Are they valuable? Nope.
Are they cool? Some.
Are these on collector’s radars? Yup!
Was 1985 the best for movies? Yes and don’t try to change our minds!

In 1989 a Fossil catalog featured a page of “red star” Russian themed watches. Pre-Defender military watches! Now that we’ve got your attention, take a look!

Welcome home “Oversized Russian inspired GF-4211” to the Underground Fossil Collectors Club.

Now that the GF-4211 is home, we’re on the hunt for others featured on this page. It was refreshing the simplicity of this watch and after a quick cleanup of the Prestige Time 1 jewel movement, it was up and running in no time.

Fossil & Crosley / Crosley & Fossil Limited Edition Watches & Turntable

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Hot dog! We’ve got a new limited-edition Fossil watch to discuss and it’s a big one. Proudly presenting the first limited edition launched in the new official Fossil Collectors Club…….and we are already in love with it. Leave it to Fossil & Crosley to come up with something totally unique – a mashup of 2 of our favorite things, music & watches and just in time for Record Store Day on April 13. As someone with 7 filing cabinets full of 45RPMs in his basement, it’s almost like Fossil & Crosley knew I’d be all over this!

Here it is — The latest Limited Edition from Fossil, the LE1060

Here it is — The latest Limited Edition from Fossil, the LE1060

The watch obviously was inspired by a Crosley turntable - the groove dial reflects the same grooves in a vinyl record and the spinning disc second half reflects record player tonearm. It’s quite mesmerizing to watch (especially during conference calls) and with only 500 of each (men’s & women’s) these might sell out quicker than the limited-edition mood watch from September 2018.

Similar to other limited editions we’ve praised, the LE1060 & LE1061 both have such great detail that flows from the packaging to the back of the case. What you won’t read anywhere else however is my love for the strap of this watch. I know it’s weird to discuss the strap on a watch post, but at first glance it took me back to older Fossil straps and their sturdiness and as soon as I put it on it felt comfortable and familiar. The strap is 22MM wide and leather, but has a silicone/rubber backing that feels solid and so comfortable – seriously this watch and strap combination is something meant to be worn with no break-in period required.

As an added bonus (BONUS!) the collaboration between Fossil & Crosley has also led to a limited-edition turntable. Yes, friends you heard that right, a limited-edition turntable! Who knew such a thing existed.

The record player is Crosley’s signature turntable with Fossil’s signature brand graphics and aligning with the black and rose-tone accents of the watch. We’ll post about the turntable in a later post because it’s on order!

For now enjoy the pictures of the Fossil & Crosley Limited-Edition LE1060 watch, numbered 170 out of 500 and check out the collection with more information on Fossil’s website

Oh those Limited Editions! The Modern Machine LE1030

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Taking a short break from our journey through the Fossil Times newsletters, let’s discuss collector’s lore – Limited Editions! We love limited editions and like a fine automobile or in my case a clean pair of sneakers we enjoy sporting them on special occasions.

The Modern Machine Assembly LE1030 released in 2014 was a very limited run of 654 pieces. I’ve only just obtained one recently because these sold out fast at 495USD and rarely have come up for sale since. The reviews of the design and packaging have been discussed and envied for years now and I finally have one in my possession! Description from the booklet because I can’t say it better than Fossil:

A stylish watch set that harkens back to the aeronautic industrial era of the 1940s. Fossil’s Limited-Edition Modern Machine can be disassembled using multiple interchanging machined parts that reassemble into two very distinctive time-measuring instruments. Mix the bezel, band or even the watch center core for a new look, for a total of 32 different time-telling combinations. Its double 316L stainless steel shell is both robust and shock absorbent, with water-resistance of up to 100 meters, and the dial faces are designed with luminescent hands and markers to be read in low light or night. Along with its wristwatch combinations, the Modern Machine set features an optional field timer for everyday field carry. Packaged in a Limited-Edition gift box, this tough yet timeless set comes complete with four interchangeable batteries, one topstitched leather belt strap and one Zulu-inspired military weave strap with matching hardware, as well as a hefty three-row plated stainless steel solid bracelet. This sleek and modern set is all the wearer will need to complement any wardrobe choice. Limited to 654.

Limited Editions are the essential piece for any Fossil collector and we’ve seen all sorts of Limited-Edition collectors over the years. Some only collect Disney or Superman or other TV characters, while some like the sports releases (Nolan Ryan!) I tend to collect the military/field collections with the snazzy packaging and the LE1030 has been high on my list for almost 5 years now. The elegant leather box with the grey felt lining and presentation of the interchangeable bezels is beautiful. Some of these bezels aren’t found anywhere else and don’t get me started on the fonts – it’s a real treasure.

A touching non-eBay rare Fossil Defender find

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As collections grow we start to branch out to other forums to find nice pieces without having to pay wishful seller premiums. Anyone can start a website and attempt to sell collectible Fossil watches for $129. Likewise, anyone can sell watches on eBay and buy low with one user ID and sell high with another user ID…...we know who they are and over the years we’ve learned to avoid those traps. All of this to say in 2018 it isn’t difficult to still obtain vintage timepieces online at a reasonable price.

The purpose of this post isn’t to list out these other online avenues for great finds, but to highlight a nice story that worked out well in our ongoing attempt to finish the Fossil DE collection.

The rarest DE Defenders are the 4 similar models DE-1524, DE-1525, DE-1535 and DE-1536.

Rare Fossil Defenders

Some would argue that the DE-1542, DE-1543 and DE-1544 are rarer, but at least those appeared in several US catalogs. The 4 similar models only appeared in one Defender catalog, which we featured a few months ago. 

Collecting tip is the more desirable Defenders and to some extent Speedways appear for sale in Germany more so than anywhere else and our site metrics would indicate that to be true - we have a lot of German collectors. I don’t always search German classifieds, but when I do I find a rare Defender and in late 2017 a DE-1535 made a grand appearance on a German classified site.

Common concerns dealing with classified sites anywhere is reliability and trustworthiness of the seller. Add a few thousand miles between us and questions rise up like will she actually ship it? What guarantees will I have? How bad is the exchange rate?

Swallowing my nerves I sent off a simple email expressing interest and name dropping the Collectors Club and to my surprise Nadja, the seller was very personable and I knew instantly I could trust her. After a few awkward email exchanges with the language barrier we had a deal! Like all watches she bought it to wear it and realized it was too heavy for a woman's wrist even after swapping out the original brown strap for a black one. Nadja even went as far as sending me pictures of the watch all packaged up and a parcel number for tracking.

After a few weeks the DE-1535 made it's way to Ohio where it's proudly displayed with all the other DE Defenders. I like stories like this and had to share -- we're all people and these unique interactions is what makes collecting anything fun.  In the end I have a fun story to tell, a rare Defender watch and an extra OEM strap for another Defender that needed a good strap and I'll save that for another story. Happy Collecting!


Limited Edition Fossil Q x Cory Richards – a new Blue

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Have you seen the news? There’s a new Fossil Blue in town and it couldn’t come at a more popular time. There’s a video, a blog entry, a press release and I got a special email about the new Limited Edition Fossil Q x Cory Richards smartwatch based on an old Blue watch Richards has. My first thought in reading the coverage, was “Hey I’ve been a Fossil enthusiast longer than Richards, where’s my collaboration?” I’m famous in my own world and I just so happen to be an expert in my opinion. I’m open for any collaboration, I have lots of ideas – let’s do this! Okay jealously rant aside, this is wonderful news and Richards seems like a great guy and from what I read it’s the first of a few collaborations in the future. Now that got my attention.

What makes this collaboration timely and why I'm highlighting it so soon after it's launch is the mention of the Blue watch. When the Underground Fossil Collectors Club site launched in 2010, a lot of the questions and comments were about the watches & advertising from the early to mid-90’s. In recent months a shift has happened and more and more comments and emails and search results are coming in around fans looking for particular Blue models. With all things nostalgic there is a known 20 year cycle where those things become popular again as we age and look for items from our past. Look at the popularity of the Classic NES console this past Christmas or the re-launch of DuckTales coming in the summer of 2017 or the retro Nike Air Max shoes I just bought that came right out the 90’s.

20 years ago just so happens to be when I started college and you know what watch I wore to college? Yep a Fossil Blue. What watch did all my roommates have in the dorm? A Fossil Blue. What watch did my girlfriend buy me for Christmas in 2000? Yep a Fossil Blue. They were everywhere and for years it seemed that the only watches Fossil made in those years were Blue models. I'll be disproving that theory shortly as I post more catalog scans.

Our beloved Defender series launched about 20 years after the original run. Could Blue be next? Fossil has hinted at some of the Fossil Blue series in recent launches with the Breaker, but we’ve yet to see Blue written on the face. It was refreshing to see it in this current release and let’s hope for more. Pictured below are 2 of my Blue watches that like most older Fossil watches have a special place in my collection.

AM-3054. Received as a birthday gift in 1999 from my good friend Tricia, who later that year was killed in a car crash. One of the most generous people I've ever met.

AM-3054. Received as a birthday gift in 1999 from my good friend Tricia, who later that year was killed in a car crash. One of the most generous people I've ever met.

BQ-9065. Received for Christmas in 2000 from my then girlfriend and now wife. She was making big bucks selling Sprint cell phones at Best Buy!

BQ-9065. Received for Christmas in 2000 from my then girlfriend and now wife. She was making big bucks selling Sprint cell phones at Best Buy!