A comeback limited edition and a launch party

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Let’s start with a little history lesson…. think back, like WAY back to 1992. I was more concerned about getting a sweet pair of Air Jordans and making sure my siblings didn’t touch the Super Nintendo, but Fossil was launching some of the earliest limited editions in their catalog. March 1992 we saw the launch of not 3, not 5, but 8 hologram watches!


  • HG 9101 - Fossil Police

  • HG 9102 - Exploding Parts

  • HG 9103 - Fossil Orbit

  • HG 9104 - Tunnel Vision

  • HG 9105 - Route Fossil

  • HG 9106 - Paint in Time

  • HG 9107 - Night Flight

  • HG 9108 -Fossil All-star

All of these were launched at the same time – imagine that and all were priced at $60. It’s weird that in my lifetime I had to run the inflation calculator to learn what that equals today and oddly enough it’s about $110, which is close enough to Fossil’s newest limited edition hologram watch that is priced at $115.


I am such a sucker for limited edition watches and the unique packaging that comes only for this watch. I have lucky 054 out of 654 and life is good. I’ve been wearing this watch for a few days and now I’m craving the open road – almost like a subliminal message…summer is here, get on your bike, in your car or whatever and hit the open road – well done Fossil! The watch is fresh take on those older hologram watches with a nice clear face - I’ve gotten many compliments already on it and will be wearing it on a business trip to NYC next week. Look out! It’s just one of those unique pieces that only Fossil can pull off and we are all looking forward to many more for years to come.

As an added bonus the Underground Fossil Collectors Club was invited to & attended the launch party for this latest Hologram watch at the Haas Moto Museum in Dallas. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet the team behind the Archival Series of watches along with the designers and fans alike of the brand at a beautiful location with some of the slickest motorcycles I’ve ever seen. Connections were made, pictures were taken, Fossil items from the past & present were on display and there was drinks and food – does that mean we made it?

I think so!

A big THANK YOU goes to the team that got me down there and coordinated a wonderful office tour & launch party. I can speak on behalf of the many Fossil fans out there that we are excited about the Collector’s Club and new watches, events and new friends along the way. 

Enjoy some pictures of the latest limited-edition watch, the Hologram LE1054 along with photos of the event provided from Fossil because I was too excited to take any good photos on my own!

A Breakfast Just for the Fossil Collector

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Do you like breakfast? How about a road trip? Obviously you like Fossil -- put all three together and you have the Fossil Collector's Breakfast. Started in 1993, these annual breakfasts were the place for collectors to gather and see Limited Editions, get free goodies and obviously get a breakfast. From the notes I have they took place in November every year at least through 1997 and almost always were in Nashville, Tennessee. I don't know about you, but Nashville is a wonderful city and it's only an 8 hour drive me...wink wink nudge nudge Fossil! Let's bring these back!

I'm going through several old Fossil Times newsletters at the moment and will have more info on the breakfasts as I find them and also other Collectors Events that happened already :(

Below are 2 scans from 1996 and 1998. The 1996 issue talks about the 4th Annual Collector's breakfast on November 23, 1996 and the 1998 scan talks about the breakfast that took place on November 22, 1997. Anybody ever attend one of these? I WOULD LOVE to see pictures and so would our readers. Reach out to me!

Apparently we missed out on this

think Tom still has the Roy & Dale Limited Edition watches? He's waiting for you.